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The High Middle Ages began in A.D. 1054 with the East-West Schism and ended when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses in 1517, setting off the Protestant Revolt.

Medieval Castle.gif Medieval Castle Sticker Picture
Large format laminated scence opens to 18 1/2" X 12 1/4". Create colorful scenes of medieval life with forty reusable vinyl stickers.


Men of Iron
$9.95  $7.50 On Sale!!
Dover paper back edition. By Howard Pyle. Through hard work and self control, young Myles eventually achieves knighthood and wins back the good name and fortune of his disgraced father while also winning the attentions of a lovely young lady. Great reading for boys. 11+


Isabella.jpg Isabella, The Last Crusader
By W. T. Walsh. Isabella (1451-1504) ruled Spain beside her husband, Ferdinand. Together, they were royal patrons for Columbus's famous voyage of discovery in 1492 and they succeeded in bringing to a close, Spain's 800-year-long struggle with the Muslims. Isabella was, perhaps, the greatest woman ruler in history. Ages 15+.


Popes and Slavery.gif The Popes and Slavery
By Rev. Joel Panzer. The form of slavery discussed in this volume (as opposed to its form in the ancient world) is one that took root in the Middle Ages and persisted for centuries in spite of the clear and persistent condemnation by the Church. Here is a thorough examination of what actually happened, accompanied by copies of the oringinal Vatican documents in both Latin and English. It makes excellent reading for highschool students and will prepare them confidently to articulate the Church's position. (Please note: the Church's position is true and can easily be defended. The actions of many Church members were reprehensible and must be condemned. This book will help you know and understand the difference.) Ages 14+.


Catherine of Siena.jpg Saint Catherine of Siena
$7.00  $5.00 On Sale!!
by Mary Fabyan Windeatt


Dominic Mary FW.jpg Saint Dominic
by Mary Fabyan Windeatt. The story of St. Dominic, founder of the Dominican Order. Ages 10+.


Race for Heaven logo.gif RACE for Heaven Study Guide
St. Hyacinth

$9.00  $5.85 On Sale!!
By Janet McKenzie. St. Hyacinth (1185-1257). Designed and published by a homeschooling mother of five, these study guides are filled with informative, inspiring and practical information that enriches and extends the pleasure of reading the Mary Fabyan Windeatt biographies. Include activities for vocabulary, geography, timelines, catechism, comprehension, deductive inference and personal holiness. As stand-alone projects the guides are great, but they also make an excellent addition to any Catholic history program. Ages 8-13.


Thomas Aquinas.jpg Saint Thomas Aquinas
by Mary Fabyan Windeatt. This is a wonderful book to share with your children--especially your sons. They will grow to love the Angelic Doctor (1225-1274), to admire his intellect, and to desire the purity and humility he modeled. Ages 10+.


Joan of Arc.gif Cure of Ars, a Vision Book
Vision Book. The story of Saint John Vianney, the patron saint of parish priests. Ages 10+.


Medieval Knights Stickers.gif Medieval Knights Stickers
Twenty colorful 4"x5" pressure-sensitive stickers.


Medieval Feast.gif A Medieval Feast
This is a children's picture book (not a cook book) that presents many interesting facts and details about a great medieval feast. Ages 6+.


Knights and Castles.jpg Knights and Castles
Research and study guide full of interesting facts, ideas and Internet links.


Castle. gif Castle
By David Macaulay. The story of castle-building as well as construction of the surrounding town set in 13th century Wales. Fascinating black and white illustrations. Interesting text. A great introduction to life, guilds, arichitecture and customs of the Middle Ages. Ages 10+


Cathedral.jpg Cathedral
By David Macaulay. This book recreates the building of a French Gothic cathedral from the hewing down of half a forest to the placement of the last sheet of lead on the spire. Oversize paperback. Ages 10+


Design coat of.jpg Design Your Own Coat of Arms
Easy-to-read, profusely illustrated guide to the history, symbolism and construction of heraldic devices. Instructions for creating a custom design, tips on materials, and information on how to register your coat of arms. Ages 11+.


Door in Wall.jpg The Door in the Wall
By DeAngeli. Historical fiction. Young Robin wants to serve the king as a knight. But his destiny is changed when he falls ill and loses the use of his legs. He is rescued by Brother Luke and taken to the hospice of St. Mark where he learns many valuable lessons. Ages 11+.


In Freedom Dover.gif In Freedom's Cause
By G. A Henty. The story of Wallace and Bruce. Dover Thrift.


The Quiet Light
$14.95  $11.25 On Sale!!
By Louis de Wohl. A very readble account of the life of St. Thomas Aquinas.


Columbus d aulaire.gif Columbus, by D'Aulaire
Colorful oversize picture book tells the story of Columbus from his youth in Italy, through his sailing days, to his old age in Spain.


Columbus  step into reading.gif Christopher Columbus, Step into Reading Level 3
Nicely illustrated, solid content. This $3.99 book has a firmer historical perspective than the D'Auliare version.


Champions of the Round Table
by Howard Pyle. Third volume of the four-volume set. Hardcover edition. Illustrated.