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Tolkien a Celebration.gif Tolkien: A Celebration
$12.95  $9.95 On Sale!!
Edited by Joseph Pearce. With the huge interst in Tolkien's writings dur to the major motion picture, The Lord of the Rings, this readable collection celebrates Tolkien's literary legacy and the spritual valuses that undergird his imaginary Middlearth. Fourteen Tolkien experts contribute to this insightful work.


Tolkein Man and Myth.jpg Tolkien, Man and Myth
$14.95  $11.25 On Sale!!
By Joseph Pearce. This major new study of Tolkien's life and his work explores the backgroun of the man and the culture in which he wrote, and his relationships with other great literary writers.


Harvester.jpg The Harvester
$16.95  $12.00 On Sale!!
by Gene Stratton Porter. Twenty-six-year-old David Langston is the Harverster who lives in Medicine Woods and cultivates medicinal plants for sale. His quiet life is interrupted by a vision of his "dream girl." This is a wholesome and charming story that encourages a love of nature. It contains a couple odd mentions of evolution and some veiled references to the eugenics movement that was gaining popularity at the time. Ages 14+


Callofthewild.jpg Call of the Wild
by Jack London


Frankenstein1.gif Frankenstein
by Mary Shelley. a Gothic horror story.


Tales of Terror and Detection.gif Tales of Terror and Detection
by Edgar Allan Poe


Tao Te Ching.gif Tao Te Ching
by Lao Tze


The Necklace.gif The Necklace and Other Stories
by Guy de Maupassant.


Turn of the Screw.gif Turn of the Screw
by Henry James. One of literature's most gripping ghost stories, this classic tale of moral degradation concerns the sinister transformation of two innocent children into flagrant liars and hypocrites. A tale of psychological terror that has frightened and delighted readers for nearly a century. Unabridged Dover Thrift Edition. Ages 16+.


White Fang.gif White Fang
by Jack London


Two Towers.jpg The Two Towers
$6.99  $4.89 On Sale!!
By J.R.R. Tolkien. This is the second in a triology of novels. Frodo and his original group of companions have been scattered. It is up to Frodo and his faithful servant, Sam, with Gollum as their guide, to carry the Ring to the one place it could be destroyed - Mount Doom, in the very center of Sauron's dark kingdom. The heroes must each now confront the evil forces of the alliance of Sauron and Saruman.


weight of a Mass.gif The Weight of a Mass-soft cover
By Josephine Nobisso. Illustrated by Katalin Szegedi. On the day of a royal wedding in a kingdom where everyone has grown careless in the practice of their Catholic faith, a poor widow helps reveal the true value of the Mass. Full-color illustrations. This makes a beautiful First Communion or birthday gift.


Russian Fairy Tales
A choice collection of six popular Russian tales. lack and white illustrations.