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Mind Benders A4
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!
Grade 2 - adult.


Mind Benders B1
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!
Grade 6 - adult.


Mind Benders B2
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!


Mind Benders B3
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!


Mind Benders B4
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!


Mind Benders C1
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!
Grade 8 - adult.


Mind Benders C2
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!


Mind Benders C3
$9.99  $5.00 On Sale!!


Traditional Logic II
Traditonal Logic, Book II: Advanced Formal Logic, by Martin Cothran, is a continuation of Memoria Press' Traditional Logic, Book I. It covers the four figures of the traditional syllogism, the three forms of rhetorical arguments (called enthymemes), the three kinds of hypothetical syllogisms, the four kinds of complex syllogisms, as well as relational arguments. Grade 8+


Ridgewood Analogies 1


Ridgewood Analogies 1 Key


Ridgewood 2.jpg Ridgewood Analogies 2


Ridgewood Analogies 2 Key


Ridgewood 3.jpg Ridgewood Analogies 3


Ridgewood Analogies 3 Key


Ridgewood 4.jpg Ridgewood Analogies 4


Ridgewood Analogies 4 Key


Ridgewood 5.jpg Ridgewood Analogies 5


Ridgewood Analogies 5 Key


Analogies 1.jpg Analogies 1
Grade 9-10. Good preparation for SAT testing. Includes answer key.


Analogies 2.jpg Analogies 2
Grade 10. Good preparation for SAT testing. Includes answer key.


Analogies 3.jpg Analogies 3
Grade 11. Good preparation for SAT testing. Includes answer key.


Building Thinking Skills Book 2 Teacher Manual
$18.99  $15.00 On Sale!!


Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Figural Text and TM
$44.98  $32.00 On Sale!!
Two books at a great value. Includes the Student Text (regulasr $25.99) and the Teacher Manual (regular $18.99).


Building Thinking Skills Book 3 Verbal Student & Teacher Manual
$44.98  $32.00 On Sale!!
Two books at a great value. Includes Stdeutn Text (reg $25.99) and Teacher Manual (regular $18.99).


Rhetoric-Memoria.gif Classical Rhetoric, Text and Key
by Martin Cothran. Martin Cothran's Classical Rhetoric with Aristotle is a guided tour through the first part of the greatest single book on communication ever written: Aristotle's Rhetoric. With questions that will help the student unlock every important aspect of the book, along with fill-in-the-blank charts and analyses of great speeches, this companion text to Aristotle's great work will send the student on a voyage of discovery from which he will return with a competent knowledge of the basic classical principles of speech and writing.Ages 15-adult.


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