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Meet GW. gif Meet George Washington
A Landmark Book. Ages 10+.


Life in a Colonial town.jpg Life in a Colonial Town
by Sally Senzell Isaacs.


Escape North! True Story of Harriet Tubman
by Monica Kulling. The woods were full of danger for runaway slaves. But following the North Star, Harriet Tubman led many to freedom. Level 4 Step Into Reading. Ages 7-9


Fun with Northwest Indian Stencils Fun with Northwest Indian Stencils #55


Fun with Plains Indian Stencils Fun with Plains Indian Stencils #56


Fun with Southwest Indian Stencils Fun with Southwest Indian Stencils #85


SW Indian Life stickers.gif Southwest Indian Life Stickers


Revolutionary War Wednesday.gif Revolutionary War on Wednesday
By Mary Pope Osborne. A young people's introduction to the Revolutionary War. Ages 8+.


Union Soldier.gif Union Soldier Sticker Doll
Reusable stickers for different clothing for a young Union soldier. Ages 5+.


Federalist Papers.jpg The Federalist Papers
By Hamilton, Madison and Jay. Explains the complexities of a constitutional government. Important, but dificult reading. The book, "Decision in Philadelphia," is a reasonable substitute. Ages 16+.


Pioneers Key.jpg Our Pioneers and Patriots Answer Key
Answer Key for text book.


Pioneers text.jpg Our Pioneers and Patriots
An upper-elementary U.S. History text by Fr. Philip Furlong that begins with Columbus and ends in 1939. Paperback. Black and white illustrations. Ages 10 - 13.


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