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Replacement CDs for ABCs of Christian Culture Level A
Introduction to History and Introduction to Geography CDs that accompany the ABCs of Christian Culture. These CDs would NOT be useful to someone who did not also have the other components of the Program.


Pioneers text.jpg Our Pioneers and Patriots
An upper-elementary U.S. History text by Fr. Philip Furlong that begins with Columbus and ends in 1939. Paperback. Black and white illustrations. Ages 10 - 13.


Old World Text.jpg Old World and America
By Rev. Philip Furlong. A History text of Western Civilization for upper-elementary students. Covers Egypt, Greece, Rome, coming of Christ, Christianization of Europe, Middle Ages, Renaissance, discovery and settlement of the New World. Ages 10 - 13.


Old World Key.jpg Old World and America Answer Key
Answer Key to above text. Paperback.


Christ King Wk Book.jpg Christ the King Lord of History Workbook
$21.00  $18.00 On Sale!!
A workbook and study guide for the above text by Belinda Mooney. Exercises and questions provide review, organizational charts help students understand and retain the information. Multiple choice, true/false and matching exercises may also be used as tests. Paperback. Key included.


Christ and Americas txt.jpg Christ and the Americas
A high school history text by Anne Carroll. The 26 chapters cover from pre-Columbian times to the 1990's. Includes chapter review questions and suggested projects and research topics. Ages 14-16.


Bible Hist. Wk Bk.jpg Bible History Workbook
A practical tool for review and practice to accompany the Bible History text above. Includes matching exercises, fill-in-the-blanks and more. Paperback. Ages 12-13.


Intro to the Bible.jpg Introduction to the Bible
By Father John Laux. A high school text presenting the true meaning of inspiration, guidelines to understanding the Bible and the Church's role as the Bible's official interpreter. Also gives an introduction to each book of the Bible with well-chosen Scriptural passages from most of the books that render a representative example of what they are like and about.