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SB Manual.gif Sound Beginnings: Complete Package
By Julia Fogassy. Program includes: Teacher Manual, Composition Notebook, Phonogram Cards, Bible Story Reader, Worksheets, CD, and Pencil w/gripper, plus Handwriting Tablet. This is a program that makes teaching reading, writing, spelling and phonics easy. Based on "The Writing Road to Reading," Sound Beginnings offers step-by-step teaching dialogue and well organized daily lesson plans. As designed, the program takes four years to complete--one year for the scripted lessons, and three years to work through the spelling list. As designed, these four years are first, second, third and fourth grades.


Sound Beginnings CD
By Julia Fogassy. This CD is for the teacher, not the student. It offers phonogram and spelling dictations to assit the teacher in preparing each lesson. All the information on the tape is also included in the Teacher Manual.


SB Manual.gif Sound Beginnings: Parent/Teacher Manual
This manual offers a daily schedule and scripted lesson plans so there is no guesswork about what to do each day. Lessons cover handwriting, spelling, phonics and listening, with reading coming along as a by-product. Also covered are vowels, numerals, homonymns, antonymns, synonyms, the simple tenses past, present, future, rhyme, syllabication.


Sound Beginnings: Writing Tablet---PDF file
The file will be sent shortly. This is not an instant download. Print as many pages as you wish for your family use.


SB Cards.gif Sound Beginnings: Phonogram Cards


sb notebook.gif Sound Beginnings: Composition Notebook
NOTE: The first half of this notebook contains story-paper with lines for writing at the bottom and room for drawing at the top. In the second half of the book, each page has lines from top to bottom. The composition notebook is to be used during the last eighteen weeks of the Sound Beginnings Program. The child uses it for three activities: tp write the final sentence dictation of the week, to alphabetize spelling words by first letter, and to collect spelling words by type (i.e. the five kinds of silent 'e'; antonyms, homophones, etc.).


sb worksheets.gif Sound Beginnings Worksheets--PDF via email
This version of the worksheets is identical to the hard copy. They will arrive in your mailbox within 48 hours of placing your order. They may be printed as many times as you like for use within your own family.


SB Pencil Sound Beginnings: Pencil and Finger Positioning Gripper


Early Reader.jpg Early Reader's Bible
By Gilbert Beers. Recommended as part of the Sound Beginnings Program, this is a very good beginning reader. Over 500 pages and sixty-four Bible stories from Old and New Testaments, all written within a standard first grade vocabulary. None of the lessons are keyed to any story in the reader, so the program may be used effectively with any other reading material. This is a Protestant publication, so there are a couple small problems (for details, see the Introduction to Sound Begininngs in the articles section of this web site), but the "Catholic" version has the identical problems.


Voyages In English Grade 8 Exercise Book & Key


Voyages In English Grade 8 Excercise Key


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