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The period of Divided Christendom began with the Protestant Revolt in 1517 when Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses and ended with the outbreak of the French Revolution in 1789.

St. Ignagius TAN.jpg St. Ignatius of Loyola
By F.A. Forbes. Life of the Basque soldier and founder of the Jesuits. Written for adults, but accessible to ages 12+.


By Right of Conquest
By G.A. Henty. A PrestonSpeed Publication.

In the early 1500's Roger Hawkshaw journeys to the Spanish controlled Caribbean territory with his father Reuben, an English sea captain. Young Hawkshaw becomes stranded in a strange land. In God's good providence Roger is befriended by natives and eventually meets the courageous explorer Hernando Cortez. The conquest of Mexico by a small band of resolute men under the magnificent leadership of Cortez is always rightly ranked amongst the most stirring and daring exploits in history. By Right of Conquest is a welcomed respite from the biased historical accounts that have made their way into "children's literature." Date: 1595 Location: South America, Mexico Main Event: Spanish Conquest of Mexico


Lepanto.jpg Lepanto
by G. K. Chesterton. Story of the great naval battle between Don Juan of Austria and Ali Pasha that saved Christian Europe from a Muslim invasion in 1571.


song at scaffold.jpg The Song at the Scaffold (paperback)
$12.95  $7.00 On Sale!!
By Gertrude von La Forte. An intense story based on the historic martyrdom of 16 Carmelite nuns during the Reign of Terror as seen through the eyes of one sister. Excellent reading for mature students. Paperback. 16+.


Prot Reformation in Eng.jpg Protestant Reformation in England and Ireland
By William Cobbett. Written by a Protestant over seventy-five years ago, this book is filled with amazing detail and interesting facts. It tells the true causes and real results of the disasterous "reform." Ages 16+.


Pirates, A Magic Tree House Book
By Mary Pope Osborne. A fun and interesting way to practice research skills. Answer questions like: "What were pirates really?" and "Where did they bury their treasure?"


Tale of two Cities.jpg A Tale of Two Cities
$2.50  $1.50 On Sale!!
By Charles Dickens. Unabridged. Historical novel. An exciting and romantic tale set in Revolutionary France. Ages 14+.


St. Margaret.jpg St. Margaret Mary
By Mary Fabyan Windeatt. Born in burgundy, France, Margaret (1647-1690) was a Sister of the Visitation and founder of the devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Ages 10+.


Conquest of New Spain
By Bernal Diaz. The defeat of the Aztecs by Hernan Cortes and his samll band of adventurers is one of the most startling military feats in history. Diaz was one of Cortes's generals and a eye-witness to everything he recounts (1519-1521). I couldn't put it down! Ages 15+.