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Recorder, Soprano
Plastic recorder with cleaning tool, joint lubricant, instruction sheet and handy zippered storyage case. All ages.


LL Music 2.jpg Let's Learn Music: Book 2
For Grades 3-4. Topics include:
  • Chromatic Signs
  • Measures
  • Time Signatures
  • Musical Arithmetic
  • Dot
  • Eighth Note
  • Eighth Rest
  • Sixteenth Notes an Rests
  • Thirty-second Notes an Rests
  • Sixty-fourth Notes an Rests
  • Review
  • Symbols
  • Songs


  • LL Music 3.jpg Let's Learn Music: Book 3
    For Grades5-6. Topics include:
  • The Staff
  • Letter Names of Lines
  • Letter Names of Spaces
  • Lines and Spaces
  • Review of Notes and Rests
  • Finding the Key
  • Chords
  • Scales
  • Songs and Syllables
  • Whole Steps and Half Steps
  • The Orchestra


  • Music of Great.jpg Music of the Great Composers
    For music lovers who want to better understand the works of the masters. This practical book lets you select a listening program that's based and your needs and interests. This removes the intimidation from "highbrow" music, taking it out of its ivory tower so everyone can enjoy it. Patrick Kavanugh is also the author of "Spiritual Moments with the Great Composers" and "Raising Musical Kids".


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