Grade 8 Syllabus

Saxon Algebra ˝ $56.00
Ultimate Geography and Timeline Book $34.95
Old World and America $21.00
Old World and America Ans. Key $9.00
Voyages in English 8 $16.00 or
Easy Grammar Plus Student (red) $13.95
Easy Grammar Plus ((red) Teacher $28.95
The Harp and Laurel Wreath $19.95
Our Roman Roots $44.95 or
Henle Latin I $17.00
Henle Latin I Ans. Key $3.95
Henle Latin Grammar $10.00
Christ the King, Lord of History $24.00
Wordly Wise Book 5 $8.40
Wordly Wise Book 5 Ans. Key $6.30
Our Life in the Church and Activity Book $5.95
Our Life in the Church Student Text $9.95
New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism #2 $4.00
Augustine Came to Kent $11.95
The Story of the Church, Her Founding, Mission and Progress $22.00
Son of Charlemagne $12.95
Story of King Arthur and His Knights, Pyle $9.95
If All the Swords in England $11.95
Adam of the Road $5.99
Ivanhoe $3.99
St. Dominic and the Rosary $9.95
Cathedral $8.95
Usborne’s Book of World History $26.95
Design Your Own Coat of Arms $3.50 or
Coat of Arms $6.99 (this book is better and easier to use)
The Black Arrow $3.99
St. Joan of Arc, (Twain) $14.95
St. Joan, Louis de Wohl $9.95
Castle $8.95
Stained Glass Coloring Book $5.95
The Door in the Wall $4.99
Lay Siege to Heaven $14.95
The Trumpeter of Krakow $4.99
Beowulf $1.50 (Dover Thrift Edition)
Beowulf $7.95 Norton Edition
Set All Afire $14.95
The Quiet Light $14.95
Magna Charta $11.95
Citadel of God $14.95
Francis and Clare $9.95
Concepts and Challenges in Science (not carried)
Mere Christianity (Case for Christianity) $10