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Paddle.jpg Paddle to the Sea
$11.95  $11.95 On Sale!!
A small canoe carved by an Indian boy makes a journey from Lake Superior all the way to the Atlantic Ocean on a fantastic geographical adventure along the St. Lawrence Seaway. Oversize paperback, full color. Ages 10 and up.


Minn.jpg Minn of the Mississippi
by Holling Clancy Holling. A turtle hatched at the source of the Mississippi is carried through the heart of America to the Gulf of Mexico.


Seabird.jpg Seabird
A carved ivory gull is made as a mascot for a whaling ship that was saved from disaster by a sea gull. Thereafter, the mascot travels around the world as it is passed to a clipper ship, a steamer, and an airplane. Oversize paperback, full color. Ages 10 and up.


Tree trail.jpg Tree in the Trail
by Holling Clancy. A cottonwood tree watches the pageant of history on the Santa Fe Trail for over two hundred years--Indians, animals, explorers, settlers--all find their way past the silent old tree. Oversize paperback, full color. Ages 10 and up.


Maps, Charts and Graphs, H
$10.50  $8.00 On Sale!!
United States, Past and Present. Covers measuring and comparing distance and scale, reading and comparing special purpose maps, comparing historical maps, using a map to make predictions, comparing map projections, using parallels and meridians, more. Plus twelve reading skills. Modern Curriculum Press. Grade 8.


Ultimate Geo and Timeline.jpg Ultimate Geography and Timeline Guide
Lesson plans and activities for teaching Geography while incorporating other subjects. This book is designed to be used with students from K-12. Oversize paperback. Black and white.


Uncle Josh.jpg Uncle Josh's Outline Maps-Book
Over 100 black and white reproducible historical maps from all over the world. Includes continents, ancient civilizations, animal habitats, the 50 United States, Canadian Provinces and more. All ages.


Flags of the World Masters
Black-line masters for 191 world flags. Each 8 1/2 x 11" page shows six flags. Flags are pictured in alphabetical order. Includes simple suggestions for use, brief description of parts of a flag, and lists additional resources for further study. Ages 8 and up.


Penguin Egypt.gif Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt
Over 60 full color maps and 70 full-color illustrations trace the history and arhaeological evidence of the world's first great nation state. Includes a detailed timeline of the history of Egypt. Paperback. Text for ages 12 and up.


Roadside Geology of Washington
$18.00  $12.00 On Sale!!
By David Alt and Donald Hyndman. The story of Washington geology is a matter of getting the pieces of the state together. Take a road trip with this book to identify and view the fascinating geology of our state. Includes maps and directions for viewing all the geological examples from the highway.