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Beginning Apologetics Book 7 How to Read the Bible
A Catholic introduction to interpreting and defending Sacred Scripture by Father Frank Chacon and Jim Burnham. Includes such topics as the canon of the Bible, miracles, parables, meditation, principles for interpretation and dissident Biblical scholars. Useful for highschool and adult.


Surprised Truth.jpg Surprised By Truth
$14.95  $11.25 On Sale!!
The first in a series by Patrick Madrid, this volume chronicles eleven personal journeys of conversion and explains what led them to the faith.


Chief Truths.jpg Chief Truths of the Faith
Back in stock! By Father John Laux. Brief, clear and interesting explanations for the essential truths of the faith. A high school text.


Baltimore No 1.gif St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 1
Covers prayers, Creed, Commandments, Sacraments, with Bible readings, study helps and Mass prayers. Illustrated. Ages 9-12.


Catechism 2.jpg St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism No. 2
This catechism aims at combining the old with the new. It retains the original text of the No. 2 catechism, but has added abundant explanations to help children understand the more difficult aspects of each lesson. Explanations are geared for middle and upper elementary students.


1stComm Catec.jpg St. Joseph First Communion Catechism
Lessons on basic prayers, the sacraments, the Trinity, salvation, Holy Days and the Mass. Color illusrations. Ages 6-9.


By What Authority?
By Msgr. Robert Hugh Benson